Faculty Members!

Prof. G. C. Nandi, Dean (Student Affairs)
Ph.D (Engg.) Research Interests:
Soft computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Industrial automation, Advanced Artificial Intelligence, Computer Controlled Systems, Humanoid robots , Machine vision and processing

Prof. U. S. Tiwary, Dean (Academic Affairs)
Ph.D Research Interests:
Image Processing, Computer Vision, Medical Image Processing, Pattern Recognition & Script Analysis, Digital Signal Processing, Speech and Language Processing, Wavelet Transform, Soft Computing & Fuzzy Logic, Neuro–computing and Soft-computers, Speech driven computers, Natural Language Processing, Brain Simulation, Cognitive Science

Prof. R. C. Tripathi, Dean (R & D)
Ph.D Research Interests:
Intellectual Property Right, Patents & Copyright, Enterprise Resource Planning

Prof. M. Radhakrishna
M.Sc (1962) Research Interests:
Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Systems, Digital Design, Embedded Systems, Machine Vision, Computer Based Instrumentation and Control, Automation, Computer and Sensor Networks, Computer Based Instructional Systems, Cognitive Sciences, Modelling and Simulation

Prof. C. M. Bhandari
D.Phil Research Interests:
Transport Properties of Solids, Thermoelectric Materials Research, Thermal, electrical and thermoelectric properties of low-dimensional systems, Quantum teleportation and dense coding, Quantum algorithm for unsorted data base and entanglement measures, Generalised measurements and entangled translucent evesdropping,Computational Neuroscience.

Dr. S. Sanyal
Ph.D Research Interests:
Natural Language Processing, Software Engineering

Dr. Shirshu Varma
Ph.D Research Interests:
Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile Computing, Mobile Multimedia, Digital Signal Processing & Optical Communication Systems..

Dr. Shekhar verma
Ph.D Research Interests:
Wireless Sensor Networks, Computer Network.

Dr. (Mrs) Krishna Misra
Ph.D Research Interests:

Dr. T. Lahiri
Ph.D Research Interests:
Development of algorithms on Fractal simulation model and fractal measure, digital image processing, digital signal processing, soft computing models (Artificial neural network, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithm and their combinations), pattern recognition and to use them in Biomedical, Bioinformatics and other fields.

Dr. C.V.S. Siva Prasad
Ph.D Research Interests:
Computational Functional Genomics, Genetic networks, miRNA predictions, Insilico Protein-Ligand interactions based protein engineering. Computational biology based predictions and analysed data evaluation in Molecular biology and Proteomics wet lab

Pritish Varadwaj
Research Interests:
Computer Aided Drug Designing and Delivery, Molecular Structure Prediction and Visualisation, Cheminformatics and Molecular Modeling

Vikram Katju
Research Interests:
Graph Spectral Analysis of Proteins, Sequence analysis and structure prediction algorithms, Molecular Evolution.

Vijay Chaurasia
Research Interests:
Mireless and Mobile Networks.

Manish Kumar
Research Interests:
Database management systems, Distributed databases, Data mining & warehousing, Mobile data management

Ms. Priya Gupta
Research Interests:
Soft computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Computer Architecture, Digital System Design

Neetesh Purohit
Research Interests:
Fault Toleance in Mobile Networks, Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile Computing, Pervasive Computing, Computer Networks, Performance Analysis and Simulation.

Ms. Manjari Gupta
Research Interests:
Software Engineering, Software Reuse by Frameworks, Application of Genetic Algorithms in Testdata generation.

Dr. (Ms.) Tanveer J Siddiqui
D.Phil Research Interests:
Information Retrieval (Context Sensitive Information Retrieval, Adaptive Information Retrieval, Personalised Information Retrieval, Multilingual Information Retrieval), Natural Language Processing, Intelligent Agent-based Information Systems.

Vandana Agarwal
Research Interests:
Image Processing, GIS, Information Fusion, Rough and Fuzzy Computing

Dr. Vishal Kesari
Ph.D. (Electronic Engineering) Research Interests:
Slow- and Fast-wave Interaction Structures for Microwave and Millimeter-wave Tubes, particularly Periodically Loaded Circular Waveguides for Fast-wave Gyro-devices (Broadband Gyro-TWT Interaction Structures, Fast-wave Disc-loaded Waveguide, Helical Waveguides, etc.).
Pof. G.N. Pandey (Guest Faculty)
Dr. Sudarsahn Tiwary (Guest Faculty)
Prof. Rajiv Tripathi (Guest Faculty)
Dr. B.S. Sanjeev
Dr. Rohit Agrawal
Prof. Krishna Mishra
Dr. Ratna Sanyal
Prof. Ashok Kumar Gupta